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Quiz: How Are Your Job Hunting Skills?
Anthony Balderrama, writer

Landing a new job is an involved process. You’ve got to be qualified for the position, apply for it, go on interviews and dazzle everyone with your personality. Each of those tasks is difficult, and together they’re daunting.

All job hunts come down to one thing: your skills. Your work skills that qualify you for a job. Your skills in writing a résumé. Your skills in answering interview questions. Everything is a test of your skills. Why wait until test day to see if you’re ready to go? You took several sample tests before taking the SAT, so you should have the same preparation now. We want to help you do your best when you’re on a job hunt, so here’s a practice quiz to help sharpen your skill set:

True or False?

1. Don’t ask questions during an interview. You don’t want to see pushy.

2. Research the company before you go for an interview. This includes reading news items, company history, and biographical information of key personnel.

3. Don’t bring copies of your résumé to an interview. The employer obviously already has seen it, otherwise you wouldn’t have been asked to interview.

4. A thank-you note to the hiring manager following the interview is always appropriate, whether done via e-mail or standard mail.

5. Don’t prepare answers for any interview questions so you don’t sound rehearsed.

6. Your résumé needs to include every job in your work history. Employers like to hire thorough employees.

7. You don’t need a career objective at the top of your résumé.

8. You should search for your own name online to see what information employers can see about you.

9. If you have a contact at the company you’re interested in applying to, you shouldn’t bug them by asking for a referral.

10. If your phone rings or vibrates during an interview, it’s OK to see who’s calling as long as you don’t answer.

Anthony Balderrama is a writer and blogger for and its job blog, The Work Buzz. He researches and writes about job search strategy, career management, hiring trends and workplace issues. Follow him on Twitter at

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