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Quiz: Are You Fluent in Work Lingo?
Rachel Zupek, writer

Have you ever had a conversation with someone who likes to use words like maximize, granular or synergy to sound smart, when he or she could just as easily speak in layman’s terms? We have, too.

Though many people think using buzzwords and jargon makes them sound knowledgeable, the truth is that such words can clutter communication and make people want to talk to you less.

Nonetheless, you’re still going to encounter people who like to use jargon all the time and you should be able to understand them when they do. Take this quiz to test your buzzword IQ.

1. "ROI" is an acronym for:

2. "Baked in" means:

3. "Low-hanging fruit" means:

4. "POV" is short for:

5. "Takeaways" are:

6. "C-level" stands for:

7. A "ping" is:

8. "Bandwidth" is:

9. "Synergy" means:

10. "Offline" means:

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