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We connect intelligent, experienced applicants with businesses from a wide range of industries — from legal firms to biotech companies to nonprofit organizations, and more. In an effort to create the most successful connections, we provide a variety of services, including resume review and career advice, as well as placement consultation and negotiation.

Our team of professionals works together to find the right fit — whether for a temporary placement or a permanent position. We get to know both our clients and our employees. We set people up to succeed
The mission of an agency is to streamline your work, increase effectiveness, and simplify the overall hiring process. The mark of a great agency is its reputation, their knowledge of the industry, and the longevity of their placement counselors.

With more than three decades of overall experience, our counselors have a great depth of experience serving and working in the legal industry. Their knowledge and reputation within the legal community has set the standard.
5075 Shoreham Pl Ste 235
San Diego, CA 92122
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