Employer Quick Look

Fenix Consulting Group

HQ: Orange, CA   |  
  • We are a dominant, market leading, outsourced sales force that is redefining direct marketing for the growing demands of today’s business environment. Our professional, face to face, relationship-based approach allows us to be adaptable, scalable and specific in targeting high value customers. As a result we provide our clients with sustainable long term business, increased name-brand recognition and upgraded consumer loyalty.

  • We represent some of the world’s most recognizable brands and are dedicated to helping our Fortune 500 clients acquire and retain their customers in a variety of industries including but not limited to telecommunication, finance, energy and retail.

    We achieve success in meeting our clients’ needs by putting a high value on personal development while nurturing a culture that celebrates growth and opportunity. We believe that meeting our client’s needs can only be done by taking care of our first customer: our employees.
We offer Health Benefits through Anthem.

PPO Solution Insurance Plan
Elements Hospital Insurance Plan
PPO CoPay Insurance Plan
ChoiceBuilder Insurance Plan
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