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Sam's Club

SAM'S CLUB is the nation's largest members-only warehouse club with more than 46 million members. The first SAM'S CLUB opened its doors in Midwest City, Oklahoma in 1983. That same year, two additional clubs opened in Kansas City, Missouri and Dallas, Texas. From those initial three, SAM'S CLUB has expanded into a nationwide chain of more than 500 clubs across the country.

SAM'S CLUB offers exceptional value on brand name merchandise at "members only" prices for both business and personal use. SAM'S CLUB operates by selling merchandise at very low profit margins, which are passed along to the members in the form of low, warehouse prices. Profits are primarily derived from membership sales.

SAM'S CLUB is a place where business operators and their families, as well as informed deal seekers, can find consistent savings on more that 4,000 items; including appliances and electronics, office supplies, fresh food, clothing, optical and pharmacy services, home furnishings, books, batteries, and auto supplies.

In addition to its brand name, quality merchandise, SAM'S CLUB offers its members a variety of big deals in the form of additional services. These include a travel club, an auto purchase program, discount credit card processing for retail members, software training, a mail-order pharmacy, Internet access and long-distance services.

A typical SAM'S CLUB stands between 110,000 and 130,000 square feet. To keep its merchandise extremely low-priced, all the Clubs look like working warehouses. Each Club's no frills appearance features cement floors with merchandise often displayed on shipping pallets. Steel racks from floor to ceiling form the structure of most merchandise displays which are generally divided into hard lines (electronics and automotive), center section (office supplies and apparel), freezer/cooler (frozen foods) and grocery (produce, fresh meats and bakery).

It's easy to become a member of SAM'S CLUB. There are two eligibility levels - Business and Advantage. Eligible business members include anyone who holds a valid city/state business or tax permit or anyone who holds a professional license. All others can purchase an Advantage Membership.

SAM'S CLUB also offers an Plus Membership Card. Members who upgrade to the Plus Card can receive extra benefits above and beyond what they already receive as a SAM'S CLUB member.

Because members pay a yearly fee, SAM'S CLUB consistently works to meet their expectations by operating in a cost-effective manner offering big deals on general consumer merchandise and other services.

SAM'S CLUB(www.samsclub.com), a division of Wal-Mart Stores, Inc., is the nation's largest warehouse chain in the United States serving small business owners and operators. The purchasing agent of choice, SAM'S CLUB provides every day low cost to more than 46 million entrepreneurs and consumers.

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