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Your individual staffing requirements may vary greatly with marketplace activity of peaks and valleys. We ensure the right people are there, providing not only temporary associates in coverages for sick or vacationing employees, but fulfillment of permanent positions as well. In addition, we also provide staffing for special projects and promotions, such as Grand Openings, or quarterly, and year-end closings. As the demands of this industry constantly changes, so do the requirements and service needs of organizations. To that end, we welcome special assignments and invite your inquires about any type of personnel in any capacity you may require.

In short, we're here to serve as non-salaried personnel manager. When we do, you'll eliminate much of the Human Resources financial burden associated with staffing recruitment and managing benefit and insurance programs.
Due to our ever increasing number of clients, and the constant rate of attrition of our temporary real estate agents as we place them in permanent full-time positions with Builders and Developers, Temps PlusSM is always looking for new and qualified Real Estate Licensees who are looking to get started in the new home communities field as Hosts and Hostesses. If you are looking to get noticed and/or hired by a new home builder, working as a temporary host for Temps PlusSM is the best and easiest way to get started. To submit your pre-application, simply provide us with the following information, and, if you like, your additional comments below. When finished, click on the "Send" button, or, if need be, click "Reset" to clear your entries and start over. After we receive your submission, we will contact you, to set up an interview.
Human Arrow Sign Service

A ready resource of promotional personnel, our Arrrow Directional Sign Sevice stands ready to augment and support ypur advertising campaign, at your call and direction. Available by daily or hourly rates and with generic oe client-supplied signage.

"Final Few"

Designed to address the needs to communties nearing completion. As a site-specific service, this is a one-time, single-fee permanent placement assignment to provide on-site sales coordination for the remaining homes or homesities within the model and/or production phase.

Customized Color Services

Strategic support is provided through our extensive portfolio of services including product and/or exit surveys, escrow coordination and more. In addition, we can minimize much of the risks of departmental staffing by providing probationary employees for a designated trail period matched by the Temps Plussm 60-day replacement guarantee for permanent placement assignments.
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